This is stupidity at its stupid finest!

I know that once again I am in the minority, Oh Well!

I love my little PT Cruiser, my family and I am kind of fond of myself also and in spite of getting in your way a few times, I would like for us to stick around a little longer?

 However, this is Florida, don’t you know?

Bill could raise state speed limit to 75 mph

This is the mindset of Floridians, more than likely the rest of the country and the world!

“Seventy-nine in the rain, with no headlights on and driving on Interstate 10 getting a ticket for exceeding the 70 mph speed limit.

‘I had the cruise control set at 79, ‘I just assumed I could go 10 over.’

So if we change the limit to 75, she’d be going 85 more like 90?

The speed limit is the maximum speed you can safely drive on that part of the road, anything over that posted limit and you are breaking the law!

Let us not forget another hiccup with this law?

You must also drive on the road according to the conditions of that road or you are breaking the law!

Both times mean that you can and you should get a ticket!

My friends and family travel those road also.

Life is tough on you the reckless driver, while we are trying to save lives in spite of you!

Highway safety advocates say that if the Florida Legislature passes a bill that would allow the state to raise the speed limit to 75 mph there could be more crashes, injuries and deaths.

The bill’s supporters say people are already driving that fast and the speed limit should reflect reality and would actually be safer.


This is stupidity at its stupid worst!

This is also why we have so many crashes, injuries and deaths!

If people insist of going 10 mph over the posted speed limit, lower the posted limit by 10 mph?

We no longer travel interstate 75 because no matter what lane you are in doing the speed limit, people are flashing their lights at you as they blow past!


Oh Governor!

What was this that you keep talking about?

How great the jobless rate has been since you bought the governor’s office?

Many of the counties with the lowest unemployment rates were those with relatively high proportions of government employment, the DOE reported.

Thank-you Mr. President!

Lake and Sumter counties’ unemployment rates in February remained unchanged from January, the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity reported.

The 6.6 percent jobless rate in January, a jump from the 6 percent rate seen in December, was attributed to a “decline of the holiday season,” the DEO reported. However, Lake’s 6.6 percent unemployment rate in January stayed the same in February, as did Sumter’s 5.4 percent rate.

Lake’s January rate put an end to six straight months of declining jobless numbers. The unemployment rate last July was 7.6 percent, followed by 7.3 percent in August, 6.9 percent in September, 6.4 percent in October, 6.3 percent in November and 6 percent in December.

 The statewide jobless rate in February was 6.2 percent and the national rate was 6.7 percent.

Last year at this time, the unemployment rate in Lake was 8.1 percent and the rate in Sumter was 6.2 percent.

Lake, Sumter jobless rates stay the same 03/29/2014

As for your ad about the only part of your past that you are willing to talk about?

You should have studies that script your writers wrote for you, before putting it on the air because you cannot read the media Teleprompter!

“It’s a significant buy:

$2.2 million,” for a 30 second ad.

Expect Florida Democrats to note that the “riches” part of his bio had the stain of a record $1.7 billion Medicare fraud fine against his former hospital company, Columbia/HCA

Florida still Rocks!

Florida is #1 in signing up to get great insurance in spite of the obstacle course we must constantly go through because of our government officials!

If you keep jumping into the frying pan sooner or later you are going to get burned!

In other words

Our politicians will soon find out that if they keep lying, cheating and taking from the masses of your constituents (stealing) even the members of your own party are going to get tired of being beat up by all of your greed?

Despite GOP obstacles, Florida’s health insurance enrollment abound

Sorry Tricky Ricky, it looks like you lose once again?

Not only does the health insurance enrollment act work well for the people, it works better in your state in spite of you and your henchmen and every roadblock you keep throw in front of it, Florida still Rocks!

Governor Rick Scott said,

Governor Rick Scott said

“I can’t beat him with my record”!


I will just keep lying about his”!

Even our media, channel 9 WFTV, last night interviewing our ‘Experts’ showed, as usual with Rick Scott’s campaign ad’s!

The ad is a lie made up of old news, half-truths and just plain lies!

We have recovering alcoholics, recovering drug addicts, recovering smokers and even recovering returning wounded war veterans?

We feel sorry for and encourage our recovering alcoholics, drug addicts, smokers, we also respect and feel for our wounded warriors from two wars started by our republican government.

‘Thank God’

Charlie Crist is a Recovering Republican!

Governor rick Scott’s new ad about Charlie Crist

Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s re-election campaign attacked Democratic challenger Charlie Crist in a new TV spot for calling the Affordable Care Act “great” in a recent interview with CNN, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

Well, guess what?

The Affordable Care Act “great”!

Charlie Crist is a recovering Republican

New Scott campaign ad slams Crist on Obamacare,0,

Why Red Light Cameras

Sorry once again to all of my good friends, this is for the many people not like you.

Because, I believe, both the government officials and the drivers on the road are still wrong, I am writing again.

Believe it or not, the choice is yours however, traffic lights and signs are not installed just to trick you into a ticket?

Traffic lights and signs are there to help you to keep safe.

Traffic lights at intersections mean that you, this means everyone, you must become courteous enough to once in a while think about the other driver and if they might also be in a hurry?

Green light means that it is your turn to proceed on your way according to the conditions and the speed limit of the road.

The speed limit sign means, to be safe this is the maximum speed for that road!

The yellow light means slow down to a safe speed and drive with caution and to be courteous, it does not mean to speed up to get through the intersection before the driver with the right a way!

Red light means that it is your turn to stop, it does not mean that two or three cars behind you must stop, it means that you must stop!

You are not observing the safety of this road so the government must place cameras in order to prove this in a court of law and because you endangered every other driver on the road you must pay a fine!


One should not be able to hand out fines (the state of Florida) just because you believe that someone did something foolish, while you (the state of Florida) are doing something foolish?

The government officials are still wrong, inconsiderate, foolish with taxpayers money and lets not forget selfish!

Farming jobs out to your friends is like outsourcing, WRONG!

Right turns are either ok or not?

This government must be uniform with laws.

The government should never outsource things like lights, meter readers and these new traffic cameras, especially to someone willing to give a kickback, because companies, if left unchecked, will always become corrupt and greedy!

Yes my friends, I had to take another by the hand for a slow walk through land mines and mistakes just as was needed for one of our silent followers?

You know the ones?

They write nothing, no pictures, jokes or whatever.

They just sit in the dark on your blog waiting for a chance to pounce on something that they know nothing about, so you must just ignore them or try to correct their mistakes, finding out that neither will work because they are in it for the fight?

We still get no help from word Press like a way to click delete on unwanted followers?


Helping the Sandhill Cranes


Who cares about a big ugly dirty gray bird?


I am so pleased to show that so do many other Floridians, this includes our young adults!

Umatilla Civics Class makes successful appeal for cranes

Sorry my friends this is also not a typical

“If it bleeds it leads”

type of article in the media so it is stuck on page-3 and not on the internet no web address?

If you have never seen or heard Cranes, Whooping and/or Sandhill, you are missing a beautiful sight and sound that we in this house are blessed to hear everyday, many times a day.

Just sit, close your eyes and let your mind wander back in time, way back to the time of prehistoric plants and animals.

Think ‘Avatar’ If you will.

You can then enjoy the sound!

Sandhill Crane Sounds Audio

Whooping Crane Sounds and mating dance.

Even in the hustle and bustle of everyday life coming and going past the house from the housing development down the hill from us, one way in and out, everyone and everything just come to a stop until the cranes or any other animal, safely cross the road, you grotto love our neighbor.

Taming the beast

I must be very careful to keep reminding my readers that I am not crying ‘WOLF’

I have never cried wolf.

This is real my friends, very real!

I am also going to remind you that, “like the Florida government officials from the top (our governor), to the bottom (the newest and lowest government official), I do not have a mortgage”

Un-like our Florida government officials, I am not a million or billionaire.

You must keep in mind that when our politicians can no longer sell our land and drinking water, I can just move to a better place, all of those greedy politicians will do the same.

What happens to you the citizens of Florida and Georgia with a mortgage when the drinking water runs out and your land is useless?

This, my friends, is why I must keep writing.

The picture of the aquifers looks impressive don’t it?

Do not be deceived, we must also look at all of the very large cities, towns, retirement villages, bottling companies, beer and soft drink companies selling our water? Last but by no means least, how many farms and ranches, cattle, pig, chickens, vegetable and so on?

Call it what you may, plan it as you must.

Bottom-line, there is a lot more water going then coming into the Aquifer’s under Lake County Florida and Georgia, a lot more water!

Avoiding urban sprawl

The city of the Villages in Lake county Florida.

That’s right my friends it is now bigger then most cities and still growing,

one of many villages now growing in central and south Florida!