Florida governor still don’t get it

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Florida governor still don’t get it, or does he?

However, even this little bit is better than nothing?

Cities get $1.5 million for water, wastewater projects


While replacing defected drain pipes and cleaning drainage areas is important, this is only a very small drop in the bucket towards cleaning up our waterways.

If you have never been through central Florida, north of Orlando around the bottom of the Ocala forest, you could not appreciate the water/sewer problem?

This area was built from many small towns not anything like Orlando, Daytona or Ocala.

First before going into this, ‘think wise, spend foolish’ water management, lets talk lakes?

The area that the problem is talking about is called ‘Lake County’ it is call this for a very good reason, many lakes.

The forefathers building these areas, built them around lakes, lakes run into streams, streams run into rivers, rivers run into the ocean.

However, the lake building at the water’s edge were built for hunters, only a few buildings.

As with many of the towns they use well water and septic tanks.

Our governor and town officials are blaming the problems with the Indian river lagoon on these hunters buildings now being used as homes?


Yes, some of the systems from these building and maybe even a few from town building after so many years leak into the water, no doubt about it!

However, this area of central Florida is farming country.

Hundreds of thousands of cows, horses, pigs, bulls, chickens and most of all ‘gardens’!

Looks like we finely got down to the real problem governor!


Hundreds of tons of chemicals for plant growth and bug killing, go into the ground each year and in Florida, for most of the years!

If I agree that wells and septic ground runoff is polluting, you must also agree that all of the chemicals in the ground are also runoff?

We have not even touched on the thousands of boats and buggies on the lakes and rivers?

Boats have septic, gasoline, fuel and boaters garbage runoff!

Farming Chemicals and boat runoff will never come up in a subject with our government officials, Why?

M O N E Y!!!


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