No charges on Sorrento bear chaser

Saturday, March 15, 2014

No charges on Sorrento bear chaser

No charges will be filed against a Sorrento man who chased after a bear on Feb. 27, according to a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) official.

Because of this lie our tax money paid for the police and Fish and Wildlife to spend hours looking for a black bear, they even have the bear traps in place, what if a bear was found? Would this have made 4 innocent bears dead because of another reckless human? It is a known fact that Joshua Hennessy ,hassled bears his neighbors shoot them with B,B Guns. It this person is not made an example of more of his neighbors will join in on the fun game of bear chasing  until a child of female gets attacked, then what? Kill all of the bears because humans play foolish games? So, what animal will the game change after? Florida Panthers, alligators, Sandhill Cranes? The agency decided not to charge Joshua Hennessy because he did give the agency a truthful official statement that he was not attacked, according to Greg Workman, the regional public information coordinator for the FWC. He added the official statement came after Fish and Wildlife presented evidence to Hennessy “which was overwhelming that it wasn’t a bite,” as he had told the media.

Black bears are no longer on the endangered list however, they are still a protected animal.

During a meeting in Palm Beach Gardens, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission voted to delist the black bear. At the same time the commission approved a 222-page management plan FWC staff said will protect the bears more than the “threatened” label.


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