Governor/Herschel Vinyard-DEP on the river pollution

Our governor and Herschel Vinyard-DEP are seen on the news blinking.

In other words giving political answers without giving answers?

9 Investigates: Governor, DEP respond to questions surrounding dolphin, manatee deaths lawsuit

Scott passed the buck to the DEP and Herschel Vinyard dumped it on anything that would not cost either votes!

Scott was asked if he was concerned with too much nitrogen dumped into the Indian river Lagoon?

Governors answer,”

Now it is up to the legislators to fund the clean up.”

DEP lawn fertilizer and septic systems nothing about the farms.

After 3 1/2 years of taking away, the last month Scott has been asking for money to give to everything, of course the governor can give nothing without the states congress OK, but it sure makes for a good political election year move.

Herschel blamed the pollution on lawn care and septic tanks?


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