Scott accused of breaking campaign fundraising law

Our governor needs to explain to the people just who or what he is talking about when he keeps saying

“Let’s get to work”?

Fla. Dems say Scott campaign broke fundraising law

Does he want me to go back to work?

“OK”! Some body hire me,

“Lets get to work”?

Or is he stating that he wants his political party to find ways that he can get his $73 million back so the he can also buy this campaign?

Just a question?

Allison Tant, who is the chairwoman of the state party, filed the complaint with the Florida Elections Commission late last week, naming both Scott and his political committee Let’s Get to Work.

The complaint maintains that the campaign broke the law when the Scott campaign transferred nearly $27.4 million from one type of campaign account to another earlier this month.

“They have violated the law and the governor is supposed to uphold the law,” Tant told The Associated Press.


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