Stand your ground getting cleaned up

Mind you that things are still a little iffy because it is going through political committees?

But at least it is moving through congress. Stand Your Ground tweak advances through Florida. Senate committee

Bill Aiming To Tweak Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law Clears First Committee Stop

A bill that aims to clarify Florida’s Stand Your Ground law passed its first committee Tuesday.

The Senate Judiciary Committee was initially set to consider two similar bills seeking to tweak the law.

But during the hearing, the measures filed by Senate Democratic Leader Chris Smith and Altamonte Springs Republican Senator David Simmons were combined into one.


“So, the first two things to prove to be able to rely upon Stand Your Ground, you have to be where you have the right to be.

You can’t be engaged in any unlawful activity. Next is, you can’t be the aggressor.

You can’t be the person who provoked the use of force and claim Stand Your Ground,” said Simmons. It also includes a provision that could allow an innocent bystander to sue, for example, if they’re shot by someone defending themselves from attack.

That troubled St. Augustine Republican Senator John Thrasher.

The proposed adjustments approved by the Senate Criminal Justice Committee also would seek to clarify immunity in such cases and allow law enforcement to conduct investigations even when ‘stand your ground’ is being invoked as a defense.


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