Florida has the water problem solved

Know any Beaver trainers that we could talk into moving to Florida?

We are going to put some burlap bags filled with Chemicals at the entrance of a lake from every river coming into the lake?


This is a test project?

Yes, I know that once Flocculation


is introduced into that water it will expand, this will slow down the Florida Dirt from entering the lake.

I say Florida dirt because it is just dirty sand.

Going to take a whole lot of bags?

I have no idea if or when we are planning on placing bags all around our Cattle Ranches and our Industrial Farms?

This is Florida at its finest!

You know, this might still be a great idea?

No, wait, Monsanto will be laughing so hard for so long that they could just have a heart attack?

No more Monsanto poisons going into the ground, rivers, lakes and streams, it could happen?

Wait for it, wait for it,



Lake County launches water quality pilot project


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