Tavares Florida

State will not find Lake County over class-size violations, WHAT?

If the 6 Principals broke the law by inaccurately reporting their class size, I sure hope that each was fired because not one can count? 🙂

If you break the law in Lake county you would first go to jail, then to court, then if you only get a fine, get released or go to jail!

At no time do you ever sit home and then get to go free, why did this not happen in our school system?

I say, “Can you read between the lines”?

Principals do not just go to teachers and demand that teachers hide students in their classrooms!

If they did the teachers would, at least some of them, report the principal to a person above the principal.

This did not happen, wonder why?

Could it be what I have been saying all along, orders came down from the very top of the school chain.

Lake county schools,

Lake county will not have to pay a fine because 6 Principals broke state law by pushing teachers to hide students in class rooms because the district ‘hired its own outside firm to audit and correct the data,’ it will not be fined department of education said.



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