Taming the beast

I must be very careful to keep reminding my readers that I am not crying ‘WOLF’

I have never cried wolf.

This is real my friends, very real!

I am also going to remind you that, “like the Florida government officials from the top (our governor), to the bottom (the newest and lowest government official), I do not have a mortgage”

Un-like our Florida government officials, I am not a million or billionaire.

You must keep in mind that when our politicians can no longer sell our land and drinking water, I can just move to a better place, all of those greedy politicians will do the same.

What happens to you the citizens of Florida and Georgia with a mortgage when the drinking water runs out and your land is useless?

This, my friends, is why I must keep writing.

The picture of the aquifers looks impressive don’t it?

Do not be deceived, we must also look at all of the very large cities, towns, retirement villages, bottling companies, beer and soft drink companies selling our water? Last but by no means least, how many farms and ranches, cattle, pig, chickens, vegetable and so on?

Call it what you may, plan it as you must.

Bottom-line, there is a lot more water going then coming into the Aquifer’s under Lake County Florida and Georgia, a lot more water!


Avoiding urban sprawl


The city of the Villages in Lake county Florida.

That’s right my friends it is now bigger then most cities and still growing,

one of many villages now growing in central and south Florida!


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