Helping the Sandhill Cranes


Who cares about a big ugly dirty gray bird?


I am so pleased to show that so do many other Floridians, this includes our young adults!

Umatilla Civics Class makes successful appeal for cranes

Sorry my friends this is also not a typical

“If it bleeds it leads”

type of article in the media so it is stuck on page-3 and not on the internet no web address?

If you have never seen or heard Cranes, Whooping and/or Sandhill, you are missing a beautiful sight and sound that we in this house are blessed to hear everyday, many times a day.

Just sit, close your eyes and let your mind wander back in time, way back to the time of prehistoric plants and animals.

Think ‘Avatar’ If you will.

You can then enjoy the sound!

Sandhill Crane Sounds Audio

Whooping Crane Sounds and mating dance.

Even in the hustle and bustle of everyday life coming and going past the house from the housing development down the hill from us, one way in and out, everyone and everything just come to a stop until the cranes or any other animal, safely cross the road, you grotto love our neighbor.


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