Why Red Light Cameras

Sorry once again to all of my good friends, this is for the many people not like you.

Because, I believe, both the government officials and the drivers on the road are still wrong, I am writing again.

Believe it or not, the choice is yours however, traffic lights and signs are not installed just to trick you into a ticket?

Traffic lights and signs are there to help you to keep safe.

Traffic lights at intersections mean that you, this means everyone, you must become courteous enough to once in a while think about the other driver and if they might also be in a hurry?

Green light means that it is your turn to proceed on your way according to the conditions and the speed limit of the road.

The speed limit sign means, to be safe this is the maximum speed for that road!

The yellow light means slow down to a safe speed and drive with caution and to be courteous, it does not mean to speed up to get through the intersection before the driver with the right a way!

Red light means that it is your turn to stop, it does not mean that two or three cars behind you must stop, it means that you must stop!

You are not observing the safety of this road so the government must place cameras in order to prove this in a court of law and because you endangered every other driver on the road you must pay a fine!


One should not be able to hand out fines (the state of Florida) just because you believe that someone did something foolish, while you (the state of Florida) are doing something foolish?

The government officials are still wrong, inconsiderate, foolish with taxpayers money and lets not forget selfish!

Farming jobs out to your friends is like outsourcing, WRONG!

Right turns are either ok or not?

This government must be uniform with laws.

The government should never outsource things like lights, meter readers and these new traffic cameras, especially to someone willing to give a kickback, because companies, if left unchecked, will always become corrupt and greedy!

Yes my friends, I had to take another by the hand for a slow walk through land mines and mistakes just as was needed for one of our silent followers?

You know the ones?

They write nothing, no pictures, jokes or whatever.

They just sit in the dark on your blog waiting for a chance to pounce on something that they know nothing about, so you must just ignore them or try to correct their mistakes, finding out that neither will work because they are in it for the fight?

We still get no help from word Press like a way to click delete on unwanted followers?



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