Governor Rick Scott said,

Governor Rick Scott said

“I can’t beat him with my record”!


I will just keep lying about his”!

Even our media, channel 9 WFTV, last night interviewing our ‘Experts’ showed, as usual with Rick Scott’s campaign ad’s!

The ad is a lie made up of old news, half-truths and just plain lies!

We have recovering alcoholics, recovering drug addicts, recovering smokers and even recovering returning wounded war veterans?

We feel sorry for and encourage our recovering alcoholics, drug addicts, smokers, we also respect and feel for our wounded warriors from two wars started by our republican government.

‘Thank God’

Charlie Crist is a Recovering Republican!

Governor rick Scott’s new ad about Charlie Crist

Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s re-election campaign attacked Democratic challenger Charlie Crist in a new TV spot for calling the Affordable Care Act “great” in a recent interview with CNN, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

Well, guess what?

The Affordable Care Act “great”!

Charlie Crist is a recovering Republican

New Scott campaign ad slams Crist on Obamacare,0,


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