Oh Governor!

What was this that you keep talking about?

How great the jobless rate has been since you bought the governor’s office?

Many of the counties with the lowest unemployment rates were those with relatively high proportions of government employment, the DOE reported.

Thank-you Mr. President!

Lake and Sumter counties’ unemployment rates in February remained unchanged from January, the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity reported.

The 6.6 percent jobless rate in January, a jump from the 6 percent rate seen in December, was attributed to a “decline of the holiday season,” the DEO reported. However, Lake’s 6.6 percent unemployment rate in January stayed the same in February, as did Sumter’s 5.4 percent rate.

Lake’s January rate put an end to six straight months of declining jobless numbers. The unemployment rate last July was 7.6 percent, followed by 7.3 percent in August, 6.9 percent in September, 6.4 percent in October, 6.3 percent in November and 6 percent in December.

 The statewide jobless rate in February was 6.2 percent and the national rate was 6.7 percent.

Last year at this time, the unemployment rate in Lake was 8.1 percent and the rate in Sumter was 6.2 percent.

Lake, Sumter jobless rates stay the same 03/29/2014


As for your ad about the only part of your past that you are willing to talk about?

You should have studies that script your writers wrote for you, before putting it on the air because you cannot read the media Teleprompter!


“It’s a significant buy:

$2.2 million,” for a 30 second ad.

Expect Florida Democrats to note that the “riches” part of his bio had the stain of a record $1.7 billion Medicare fraud fine against his former hospital company, Columbia/HCA


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