This is stupidity at its stupid finest!

I know that once again I am in the minority, Oh Well!

I love my little PT Cruiser, my family and I am kind of fond of myself also and in spite of getting in your way a few times, I would like for us to stick around a little longer?

 However, this is Florida, don’t you know?

Bill could raise state speed limit to 75 mph

This is the mindset of Floridians, more than likely the rest of the country and the world!

“Seventy-nine in the rain, with no headlights on and driving on Interstate 10 getting a ticket for exceeding the 70 mph speed limit.

‘I had the cruise control set at 79, ‘I just assumed I could go 10 over.’

So if we change the limit to 75, she’d be going 85 more like 90?

The speed limit is the maximum speed you can safely drive on that part of the road, anything over that posted limit and you are breaking the law!

Let us not forget another hiccup with this law?

You must also drive on the road according to the conditions of that road or you are breaking the law!

Both times mean that you can and you should get a ticket!

My friends and family travel those road also.

Life is tough on you the reckless driver, while we are trying to save lives in spite of you!

Highway safety advocates say that if the Florida Legislature passes a bill that would allow the state to raise the speed limit to 75 mph there could be more crashes, injuries and deaths.

The bill’s supporters say people are already driving that fast and the speed limit should reflect reality and would actually be safer.


This is stupidity at its stupid worst!

This is also why we have so many crashes, injuries and deaths!

If people insist of going 10 mph over the posted speed limit, lower the posted limit by 10 mph?

We no longer travel interstate 75 because no matter what lane you are in doing the speed limit, people are flashing their lights at you as they blow past!


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