River rebound still unlikely this year

State Legislators fund $232 Million in water projects; River rebound still unlikely this year


Good news for the toxic Treasure Coast waterways,

On the other hand, is it good news or is it just Déjà vu?

Just cleaning up the water in the river is like putting a band-aid on a death-wound while the weapon is still reloading.

In other words, why not also force the polluters, make them use only non-poison fertilizers, force boaters to use dumping station, not the river, install a city water/sewer treatment plant and remove septic tanks?

Now we can clean up the river.

Oh, let’s see, how can our politicians reap rewards from something like that?

There in lies the Rub!

If you will, please notice that all of this money is going to well-to-do neighborhoods, nothing along the toxic shore, nothing to stop the polluters from polluting.

Florida State House and Senate gave the region more funding than expected to get to work on projects this year.

Here is a breakdown:

$90 million will go to raise the Tamiami Trail (US 41) to allow more water to flow south.

$20 million will target trouble spots from Cape Canaveral to Vero and remove polluted muck from the bottom of the Indian River lagoon.

$32 million will fund storm water, treatment area in Palm Beach County, to improve water quality in the Everglades.

$40 million for C-44 Project and Additional Phase in western Martin County.

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Cows have been in Florida since the 15 century.


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The state’s pass-the-buck Legislature

Words from the staff of my newspaper. J

Our pass-the-buck Legislature.

When the Florida Legislature’s annual session ends next month and campaigning for state offices begins, incumbents seeking re-election to state offices will brag how they have kept taxes low.

Their claims will be correct.


Seems like when it comes to our politicians, there is always a However.

There is more, because with our government officials, there is always a read between the lines, if you will. L

Florida’s place on the bottom rungs of state-level taxation and total revenue are due in part to an extraordinary reliance on local governments — not only to provide services, but also to generate dollars.

Thanks to the folks at TaxWatch, who recently issued their 2014 “How Florida Compares” report, we know that:

The state has the fifth-highest percentage (50 percent) of state and local taxes generated by local governments.

Florida has the second-highest percentage (55 percent) of state and local revenue generated by local governments.

Local revenues include not only property taxes but also local-option sales taxes, impact fees, franchise fees for utilities and special assessments.

In general, cities, counties and other local entities in Florida are assigned and assume disproportionately greater responsibility for courts, social services, infrastructure, and health care for indigent patients and education.

Nowhere is the state government’s reliance on locals more evident than in public education.


9 Investigates Campaign contributions

If politicians, lobbyist and big business can spend, millions of dollars on campaign, down-right lies and half-truths, why not the average citizen telling the truth for free?

9 Investigates: Campaign contributions and Florida natural gas pipeline Posted: 5:25 p.m. Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Conflict of interest?

Governor-elect Rick Scott created a transition team to address issues facing the state and develop a plan to address them. On that team was Sam Forrest, Florida Power & Light’s vice president of Energy Marketing & Trading.

Following his election in 2010, Governor-elect Rick Scott created a transition team to address issues facing the state and develop a plan to address them. On that team was Sam Forrest, Florida Power & Light’s vice president of Energy Marketing & Trading.

According to documents obtained by Eyewitness News, Forrest suggested the construction of a natural gas pipeline, noting that legislation would be required. In the 2013 legislative session, lawmakers passed and Governor Scott signed HB 1083. The bill “declares underground natural gas storage to be in public interest,” and helped pave the way for FP&L’s pipeline proposal. Under that plan, a pipeline stretching from Alabama will deliver natural gas to Florida with FP&L as the main customer. The pipeline will be built by FP&L’s parent company NextEra Energy and Houston-based Sabal Trail Transmission. Under an agreement with Florida Public Service Commission, the agency in charge of utilities in the state, FP&L will be allowed to charge its customers for the fuel and fuel transmission costs once the pipeline is active.


Florida Governor-elect Rick Scott’s transition team

Rick Scott Pads Transition Team with GOP Insiders and Former Columbia/HCA Employees

November 22, 2010 2:05 pm ET — Kate Conway

Florida Governor-elect Rick Scott’s transition team is filling in—, it is populated with just the sort of lobbyists, and political insiders Scott spent his campaign disavowing. The Miami Herald

Scott’s health care transition team is particularly suspect. In addition to lobbyists and Republican insiders, Scott has “recruited loyalists from his former hospital chain to help streamline the state’s healthcare spending.”

This is the same hospital chain — Columbia/HCA — from which Scott resigned amidst a massive Medicare fraud investigation.

The company ended up pleading guilty and paying a record $1.7 billion in fines.

Now, former Columbia administrator Alan Levine has been picked to chair Scott’s Health and Human Services Transition Team.

Heightening the irony, another former Columbia/HCA employee, Cynthia Sucher, has been selected to work on Medicaid reform for the team.


We havepreviously writtenabout one of Scott’s choices for his economic advisors: the discredited former Reagan advisor Art Laffer, who will surely support Scott’s poorly-developed plan to slash taxes. Yet as ill-advised a selection as Laffer may have been, the latest rash of individuals named to Scott’s team are exceptionally odd picks for someone who has spent a lot of time trying to shake off the suggestion of corruption that overshadows his resume.

Gov Rick Scott’s Campaign: Unreported half a million-dollar donation

The Election is just a Stone throw away

Gov Rick Scott’s Campaign: Unreported half a million-dollar donation was just an ‘accounting error’

Would you agree that a person in charge of a very important state could keep track of campaign money?

March 10, 2014 By Anomaly

Where had that half a million dollars come from?

According to Governor Rick Scott’s campaign, they made an ‘accounting error’ when that amount magically disappeared from the books. It is a ‘mistake’ they said.

The mysterious $500,000 was associated with the re-election campaign of Florida’s Governor.

Florida Crystals, a leading sugar producer founded by one of the state’s politically prominent families, reported to have given $500,0000 to a political organization set up to help the Scott’s campaign.


Florida public utilities have too much power

“The corrupting influence of money in politics is the defining issue of our time,” says Dan Krassner, executive director of Integrity Florida. “We have a legislature that is not broken, it’s bought.”

The report says that the four companies spent more than $12 million lobbying members of the Legislature between 2007 and 2013, and have contributed more than $18 million to state-level candidates and party organizations between the 2004 and 2012 election cycles.


Enough, is enough, is enough, is enough

These three blogs have been picking to pieces our government going astray from the laws of the land to no avail and this government just keeps doing business as usual?

When will the people of this country and the world, stop fighting amount ourselves and unite to fight the corruption in our government?

As long as this government can keep the people fighting each other we will always be far too weak to fight any corruption in our government.

We must stop fighting, countries, race, religion, poor, middle class, small business, whatever the reason to fight ourselves and unite to fight the corruption.

They have many weapons (laws that they have been writing for themselves) on their side.

We have one, the biggest, (our vote).

If we can put aside our petty disagreements, unite, we can quickly clean up our corrupt government.

If we do not, we will remain their puppets until the end of time.

The choice is yours.

Why, Gov. Rick Scott will not fire (OOCEA) Board Member Scott Batterson?

Why would a governor, on TV repeatedly this past year, claiming to care so much about this state and the people flat out refuse to fire an accused criminal?

PDF File from the governor.


A grand jury has indicted a member of the Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority board after investigating the entire board for allegedly holding secret meetings to vote out the authority’s previous director.

State Attorney Jeff Ashton announced Thursday that Richard Scott Batterson was indicted by a 15-member grand jury on three second-degree felony charges:

Solicitation for bribery by public servant

Solicitation for receiving unlawful compensation

Solicitation for exerting influence

Gov. Rick Scott addressed the issue of one of his appointees being-indicted head-on in Lake Mary today. Orlando Orange County Expressway Authority (OOCEA) Board Member Scott Batterson faces three-second degree felony counts, including bribery after a grand jury heard testimony, and then indicted him. Governor Rick Scott suspended him immediately.

“It’s disappointing. It’s disappointing when you appoint somebody to something. You expect them to do a good job, expect them to uphold the public trust,” said Gov. Scott.

Batterson refused to appear before that grand jury to answer questions about the ouster of Executive Director Max Crumit earlier this year. The investigation expanded beyond a potential Sunshine Law violation, and the grand jury will meet again to consider more charges. The governor is keeping an eye on those proceedings, knowing Florida Department of Transportation District Secretary Noranne Downs

Expressway Authority board member bonds out of jail on bribery charges, Scott Batterson indicted in investigation into Sunshine Laws


Orange Co. Expressway Authority vice chair indicted on bribery charges


Gov. Scott watching Expressway Authority, ready to act