Who is paying to take Florida’s water?

Christopher Heath 5pm report on dish news on News Channel 9 should be very interesting!

Remember, this is very important to Floridians come this election.

The Water district management was, is and will always be, hired by the governor of Florida.

Who is this governor?

Millions of dollars on the line.

Florida Water management district under no obligation to tell who is pedaling influence!

(Lobbyist and/or companies)!

Nestle bottles Florida’s water, ships it throughout the Southeast and makes millions upon millions of dollars in profits on it.

How did they get away with this robbery?

Nestle bottle water company came into Florida and managed to pull off quite the coup.

Back in March 15th 2008

The company got a permit to take water belonging to Floridians, hundreds of millions of gallons a year from a spring in a state park at no cost to Nestle.

No taxes.

No fees.

Just a $230 one time permit to pump water until 2018.


As you now know they just receiver permission once again?

Hundreds of districts, like the Choctawhatchee River Soil and Water Conservation District in Florida’s Panhandle, are so small they’re unlikely to see lobbyists looking to influence policy or a contract award.

But many independent districts with big money to spend, like the $622.2 million South Florida Water Management District, regularly encounter lobbyists.

The state’s largest water district collects property taxes in 16 counties and is run by a governing board appointed by the governor and dominated by real estate, agribusiness and development interests.

The environmental group Audubon Florida sees a problem in the lack of lobbyist registration at government agencies like the South Florida Water Management District.

Remember while trying to water your lawn, wash your car, take a bath or just to get a cool clear refreshing drink of water and you find out about newer restriction because of low water supply, who it to blame!

Nestle bottles that water, ships it throughout the Southeast — much of it to Georgia and the Carolinas — and makes millions upon millions of dollars in profits on it




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