Florida, What’s wrong with its picture?


‘This is Florida Don’t you know’.

This old man drives to his friendly store, after shopping, he had to be helped to his car.

Sometime later they, the store employee’s, noticed that his car was running in idle however, the old man was nowhere to be found.

So of course the police and everyone that knows him went out looking for him.

They found him later walking around in some apartment complex.

Well, I guess that this is all right because he has Dementia.

Dementia is a loss of brain function that occurs with certain diseases.

It affects memory, thinking, language, judgment, and behavior.


Tampa, FL March 12, 2014 – Missing Tampa Man with Dementia Found Safe in Pinellas County

Another one, Woman, 79, kills 3 while backing out of church parking space, police say.



They have Dementia, take they keys, lock up the car before they kill someone or themselves?


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