Christopher Heath WFTV Channel 9 NEWS

Everyday ChristopherHeath investigator for WFTV Channel 9 NEWS talks about the pickle that the St Johns River Management has forced all of the Lake county into, as well he should.

My question to the State of Florida, its boss and every taxpayer is,

“What are they going to do with everyone involved with this diabolical plan now that it has been uncovered”?

I of course already know the answer,



Because everyone, from the newest, youngest, for lack of another word (Lowest) official (politician from each party) and their puppets (the St Johns River Management) are as guilty as the sin that they committed and the public could care less!

The only people who this does not affect are the politicians, their families, renters, visitors and Snowbirds because we can all move as soon as the water runs out!

Oh, right, it is in the hands of our congress trying to pass a bill that, in the end, will exposé each guilty one of them?

GOOD LUCK to all of you people not concerned with your problem at trying to sell while you are drinking and washing in the sand!


One thought on “Christopher Heath WFTV Channel 9 NEWS

  1. I am staying at west gate resorts and found bed bugs in my 3 beds.i spoke to the genaral manager Tom Spark and he said he will send the pest control from the property but he didnt wanted to accept the facts.enclose is pictures of live bugs.
    This happen in Room 725 building 700.
    Today we fpund srvetal bugs inside the beding.

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