Government for sale to highest bidder

See I’m not the only one aware of our corrupt government and the complacent Floridians!

Dan K. Thomasson: Government for sale to highest bidder

 WASHINGTON —— Look for this advertisement on TV, your local newspaper and online in the not too distant future:

“For sale at auction: 535 Seats in the U.S. Congress —— 100 in Upper House and 435 in Lower Chamber. Seats to be occupied by person of buyer’s choice after bipartisan elective process with no restrictions on qualifications of candidates other than those set out by the major bidders.

“Reserve: $1 million per seat.

“Bidder must certify personal net worth of $200 million or more. Average citizens need not apply.

“Authority for sale: The First Amendment of the U.S Constitution free-speech provision as interpreted by sales agent and cohorts. All other heretofore restrictions on buying and selling of seats and or candidates are hereby abrogated. Other adjustments to the elective process will be dealt with as need occurs.

“A separate announcement will follow for auction of residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in the city of Washington, District of Columbia.

“Notice: Sales agent expects to change the motto under which Republic was founded to ‘The Best Democracy Money Can Buy’ with apologies to Will Rogers whose statue occupies a prominent spot in the Capitol building.”


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