Gardening in Florida

As you my followers know I have been preparing and gardening this season for some time now.

This is Florida you know.

I had some manner of veggie garden all of my life except military time of course and even then I helped people in need plant simple veggies in places that they never dreamed of, like on roof, window shelf, tables and so on.

After the health slowed down I looked for ways to also slow and still enjoy Mother Earth and her miracles of life.


I bought Mel Bartholomew’ 1st book Square Foot Gardening when it came out over 30 years ago and used it as my second bible.

Of course I was in New England with real dirt and I did adapt it to my land and my ideas.

If you wish to garden and for any reason you do not want to buy tractor and equipment just to keep up however, do want your own garden, at least check out the book at your local liberty, the 2nd book is, to me, only an ad on and we do have the internet now.

Then I met up with Florida and her heat, sand, roots, bugs, animals and pests!

My first planting (Battle) year in Florida, wasn’t even a contest, in fact half way through the year, my enemies (pest, squirrels. raccoons and rabbits) would meet me at the back door in the morning with fork and spoon in hand, demanding that I plant some more!

The first time I met my neighbor, I was busy fencing some of the yard to help keep the Airedale off the road, he offered his little 3 HP Rotor tiller for making my garden.

I know that I must have hurt his feelings because I said, “Why, to till the sand”?

I wondered why he handed me some vegetables and walked away with a wink of the eye and a smirk on the lips when I told him that I was selling my 5 HP from up north?

Then I tried to shovel the sand.


Guess you know that I am still using my 5 HP!

Remember to allow a walkway with room to get down and inspect your plants for hitchhiker and if PH, food and watering is ok in your garden?

Isn’t it great to be retired?

Anyway, if you are in Florida, forget the book,

‘adapt and pray’!

I do use the book now and then to help remember the distance between plants, everything else is a battle plan and I can even win a few!


First thing, plant your garden as close to your back door as possible with at least a 4′ fence around the garden with screening on and a few inches below it to keep the on and underground pests out.

Next, remove any native plant within 10′ of the garden to help keep moths and native flying pest from eating your tomato plants.

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