Lake levels are up but nowhere near normal

Can you believe that our ‘EXPERTS’ still believe that ‘We the people’ are so gullible that we will not be able to see through their lies and bluffing-over of the plain truth?

Mother Nature is Mother Nature and she has been doing her thing long before we the people of Florida were around.

Yes, the rain has been slow in coming,


As always, in a few years this ‘Rain Forrest’ called Florida will be having too much rain, the cycle continues as usual.

Fact is,

‘We are giving away far too much water to anyone willing to buy our government officials!

Our first hint that something stinks about this article would be the following two ‘EXPERTS’!

Mike Perry, executive director of the Lake County Water Authority, said lack of rainfall is the main cause of low lake levels, while groundwater withdrawals from the Floridian Aquifer also play a role.

“Rainfall has been below average since 2005 and that results in the lower lake levels simply due to lack of rain,” Perry said.

Hank Largin, spokesman for the St. Johns River Water Management District, agreed.

Perry said currently withdrawals are a minor component in relation to lake levels, explaining water taken from the lakes for irrigation purposes has an impact, too.

I say, “un-necessary groundwater withdrawals is the main reason why our lakes, rivers and aquifers are losing ground far to fast”!

We need to stop the selling of our drinking water and lakes now!

Then and only then can we deal with Mother Nature and her anger towards ‘We the people of Florida’!

What this state really needs is a ‘New Political Party with a fool-proof plan, For the People of Florida’ and we need it Yesterday!


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