“Let’s get the Truth”?

Obamacare news you probably missed

Democrats/Republicans Lie!

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has issued a new analysis showing that the Affordable Care Act.

The plan that the republican party is calling Obamacare and the democratic party is calling Obama Cares.

Will cost the government $5 billion less than expected and in many ways is doing much better than you thought.

Especially if you’ve been getting most of your info from the Republican and tea party leaders who want you to think that

“Obamacare” is a four-letter word.

The health-care plan has flaws that we need to start fixing


But that’s not something you’ve heard from Democratic leaders, because rolling up sleeves and getting to work is not the way things happen in Washington.


Speaking about the truth.

A Lie is a lie, is a Lie!

While we are at checking lies, how about the half-truths and outright lies

“Let’s get to work” is putting out as the truth in each of its ads?

The Affordable Care Act was turned down in Florida by the governor and our republican controlled state congress and the one they are trying to put in its place is a joke and anything but a working program!

Gov. Rick Scott is launching yet another television ad, this one takes direct aim at former Gov. Charlie Crist that it will spend $2 million on a statewide ad that will go after Crist

for his support of President Barack Obama’s health care.

Recent polls have shown Scott trailing Crist in a head-to-head matchup.

This is now the second television ad launched by Scott’s campaign in March even though the election is about seven months away.

The ad features recent television footage of Crist saying the overhaul has “been great” for the state despite a difficult rollout.

Charlie Crist Challenges Fla. Gov. Rick Scott to Debate


Florida gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist has issued an impromptu debate challenge to incumbent Gov. Rick Scott.


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