Typical Political Hog Washing

Florida’s crime rate drops to 43-year low


Typical Political Hog Washing

While murders were slightly down in Orange County and its municipalities — from 76 in 2012, to 73 in 2013 — reports of forcible rape and robbery increased.

Gains were modest in Orange’s most populated areas:

The crime rate decreased just half a percent in the unincorporated county, and about 2 percent in Orlando.

In Apopka, however, the crime rate was up 13.1 percent.

However, murders dropped more than half in Seminole, from 17 to just six, the crime rate increased overall by 6.6 percent, the FDLE statistics showed. Rapes, aggravated assaults and burglaries all increased there.

The total number of arrests in 2013 was 904,634 still a very large number to be so excited about.

Also remember that it still is a fact the around half get off with no time served thanks to the judicial system.

The governor, any governor, has absolutely nothing to do with grime rates.

The police department has been cleaning house and with the help of many law enforcement department both state and federal, using much better crime fighting equipment, has been getting a better grip on crime.

The nerve of any government official taking credit away from the source and taking credit where credit is not due just because it is election time.

“Our lower crime rate means that not only are our families and communities safer, but Florida is in a better position to create more opportunities for Floridians,”

Gov. Rick Scott said in a statement Wednesday.

Added Florida Department of Law Enforcement Commissioner Gerald Bailey:

“My thanks to Florida’s dedicated law enforcement professionals for making this a better place to live.

” The biggest local gains were in Lake County, where the crime rate dipped 7.8 percent, and Osceola’s 6.4 percent dip, Florida Department of Law Enforcement data revealed.

Statewide, the rate dropped 4.7 percent.


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