Enough, is enough, is enough, is enough

These three blogs have been picking to pieces our government going astray from the laws of the land to no avail and this government just keeps doing business as usual?

When will the people of this country and the world, stop fighting amount ourselves and unite to fight the corruption in our government?

As long as this government can keep the people fighting each other we will always be far too weak to fight any corruption in our government.

We must stop fighting, countries, race, religion, poor, middle class, small business, whatever the reason to fight ourselves and unite to fight the corruption.

They have many weapons (laws that they have been writing for themselves) on their side.

We have one, the biggest, (our vote).

If we can put aside our petty disagreements, unite, we can quickly clean up our corrupt government.

If we do not, we will remain their puppets until the end of time.

The choice is yours.


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