Why, Gov. Rick Scott will not fire (OOCEA) Board Member Scott Batterson?

Why would a governor, on TV repeatedly this past year, claiming to care so much about this state and the people flat out refuse to fire an accused criminal?

PDF File from the governor.


A grand jury has indicted a member of the Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority board after investigating the entire board for allegedly holding secret meetings to vote out the authority’s previous director.

State Attorney Jeff Ashton announced Thursday that Richard Scott Batterson was indicted by a 15-member grand jury on three second-degree felony charges:

Solicitation for bribery by public servant

Solicitation for receiving unlawful compensation

Solicitation for exerting influence

Gov. Rick Scott addressed the issue of one of his appointees being-indicted head-on in Lake Mary today. Orlando Orange County Expressway Authority (OOCEA) Board Member Scott Batterson faces three-second degree felony counts, including bribery after a grand jury heard testimony, and then indicted him. Governor Rick Scott suspended him immediately.

“It’s disappointing. It’s disappointing when you appoint somebody to something. You expect them to do a good job, expect them to uphold the public trust,” said Gov. Scott.

Batterson refused to appear before that grand jury to answer questions about the ouster of Executive Director Max Crumit earlier this year. The investigation expanded beyond a potential Sunshine Law violation, and the grand jury will meet again to consider more charges. The governor is keeping an eye on those proceedings, knowing Florida Department of Transportation District Secretary Noranne Downs

Expressway Authority board member bonds out of jail on bribery charges, Scott Batterson indicted in investigation into Sunshine Laws


Orange Co. Expressway Authority vice chair indicted on bribery charges


Gov. Scott watching Expressway Authority, ready to act


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