River rebound still unlikely this year

State Legislators fund $232 Million in water projects; River rebound still unlikely this year


Good news for the toxic Treasure Coast waterways,

On the other hand, is it good news or is it just Déjà vu?

Just cleaning up the water in the river is like putting a band-aid on a death-wound while the weapon is still reloading.

In other words, why not also force the polluters, make them use only non-poison fertilizers, force boaters to use dumping station, not the river, install a city water/sewer treatment plant and remove septic tanks?

Now we can clean up the river.

Oh, let’s see, how can our politicians reap rewards from something like that?

There in lies the Rub!

If you will, please notice that all of this money is going to well-to-do neighborhoods, nothing along the toxic shore, nothing to stop the polluters from polluting.

Florida State House and Senate gave the region more funding than expected to get to work on projects this year.

Here is a breakdown:

$90 million will go to raise the Tamiami Trail (US 41) to allow more water to flow south.

$20 million will target trouble spots from Cape Canaveral to Vero and remove polluted muck from the bottom of the Indian River lagoon.

$32 million will fund storm water, treatment area in Palm Beach County, to improve water quality in the Everglades.

$40 million for C-44 Project and Additional Phase in western Martin County.

Sorry, it looks like WFTV has removed its link.

Cows have been in Florida since the 15 century.


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