SpaceX Dragon crew capsule revealed


SpaceX Just Unveiled Its Brand-New Capsule For Taking Astronauts To Space

The new Dragon V2 can land anywhere on Earth and will lower the cost of flying to space.

Hopefully it can also take off anywhere on Earth, other planets and asteroids

It is about time, let’s get this thing up and running (AMERICAN MADE) stop giving our hard-earned tax money to all of those communist countries that only want to crush us.

Get on with space travel and what we can learn from it?

I would not mind so much if our money was going to the people in those countries, let’s face it, the money is only going into war machines and the pockets of the rich, business as usual!



Say What



Want to know why nothing ever gets done in political circles?

Don’t take offence to this posting gun people, although

I am in 100% agreement on getting some plan, any plan to control guns in the street would be a good start.

So, you think that this is funny?

I think that it is discussing, because it is the truth!

This cartoon could have been about anything and everything that goes on in congress every day!

It is called NOTHING!


The squeaky wheel does not always get the oil

The old saying that the Squeaky Wheel always gets the oil is not altogether true, while it better get some oil or else.

However, sometimes the Squeaky Wheel does get the grease which is always better!

The idiom, with its allusion to a wagon wheel that needs oiling, is ascribed to American humorist Josh Billings (1818-1885) in a poem, “The Kicker”: “I hate to be a kicker [complainer], I always long for peace, But the wheel that does the squeaking Is the one that gets the grease.”

Yesterday was a long ‘how-be-it’, good day with the exception although necessary booster shot for Breanna and the reason for the trip.



While closing out the day we agreed to stop at the post office.

To our surprise, our dear friend Sandy, on her next to the last day before retirement was watching over the people responsible for the blunder of route 42. She had them re-painting the parking lot at the post office

with a promise to finely give us our own turn lane safely into the post office.



I took these pictures today while bidding Sandy happy retirement.


Remember the past postings?

“we shall see after acceptable losses”!

Lake county top engineer, “the dollar store would do more business than our post office”

Lake county voters said

“You are wrong, fix it the right way!”

You should see my neighbors faces while driving route 42 passing the new entrance old exit,

on their way to the old entrance now exit,



“Thank you” was never enough‏

“Thank you” was never enough‏

Charlie Crist remembers.

It is time for us to remember Charlie Crist.

The single hardest moments serving as Governor were when I met with the families of our Florida brothers and sisters who were killed in service of our country.

Every single one of them volunteered for duty. Many were the families of National Guardsmen, who by day were teachers, cops, bankers, and other members of our community — and by night, they did heroic things to defend the freedoms we all enjoy. They all believed that defending an ideal was more important than their own lives.

They are heroes to all of us, including their families. But they are also parents, siblings, children, friends, and neighbors. A grateful nation can never fill the void they left behind.

I never knew the right words to say to those families. “Thank you” could never fully express both the sorrow and gratitude for their sacrifice.

Everything we do is because of those who gave their lives to our country.

So on this Memorial Day, let’s all try to commit ourselves to honor their sacrifice a little more — not just today, but everyday. Thank a soldier in an airport. Greet the woman wearing the “Proud Army Mom” t-shirt. Buy an extra baked good at the local VFW.

Treat each other with a little more respect.

And most importantly, be grateful and forever humbled by those who love their country so much that they would die for all of us.

God bless their memories,



St. Augustine played key role in civil rights

A quote from a speech King gave in St. Augustine, shown in the Journey exhibit, reads:

“St. Augustine is merely a symbol of an expression of the tragedies that invoke our whole nation in the area of racial issues. Now the fact is that we are picking on St. Augustine, we are seeking to make this the oldest city in the United States, one of the most democratic cities of the United States.”


In this June 10, 1964 photo, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gives a young picket a pat on the back as a group of youngsters started to picket St. Augustine in Florida.

Could this have been an African-American, American Women modern-day reincarnated of Mahatma Gandhi?

Civil rights outlawed discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.


Both lived a non violent life for his people against aggression and both were shot by an aggressor.

Coward aggressors with a gun against an un-armed lover of peace however, both Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. helped to change the world for the good of all the people.

When Martin Luther King Jr., came to St. Augustine in the 1960s, he was looking to keep the momentum alive for passage of the Civil Rights Act.

In today’s world a pen maybe mightier then a sword however, a Cowards mouth is still a cowards mouth.

27,000 gallons of water a day?

That’s not counting the bottles of our water leaving the ground also?

Can this be true?

South Lake Counties, are you concerned yet?

Never mind South, how about all of Florida, thank you Governor Rick Scott!

20 to 30 Indian River water tanker trucks from the Niagara Bottling Company

Trucks with a semi-trailer have one tank.

The tank is about 40 feet wide and has a 9,000-gallon capacity

Orlando Sentinel tells it like it is people!

Folks, as long as Gov. Rick Scott is in office, that’s how it’s going to be.

Scott gutted the water-management districts shortly after taking office.

Years of experience in Florida hydrology went out the door with 40 percent budget cuts, and water-management districts, like the rest of Florida, became “business friendly.”

That’s just code for giving away something that you thought belonged to you as a sovereign citizen of the state.

Wrong again.

Scott had his way with the governing board, too.

All nine St. Johns members are wealthy white guys, with the exception of one woman whose biography proudly states she has been

“a tireless advocate for economic growth,”

which is just more code for

“more development to use more water.”

Lauren Ritchie, COMMENTARY

Drop by drop, Central Florida is turning into the Wild West of water, and Niagara Bottling is staking its claim nearly double the amount of water it sucks from beneath Lake County.

Lake residents lost a bitter fight in 2011 to the California bottlers allowed to pump up to 177 million gallons of water a year from their Groveland operation, put it in little bottles and make a fortune selling a precious natural resource that the rest of us are forced to conserve.

Roy Patterson, a resident who lives on CR 455, said he is often awakened by the trucks at night.

“When they hit those reflectors on the road down the center, it bounces through the house,” the Montverde resident said of the 20 to 30 tanker trucks that pass his house.

A dispute between the contractor for Niagara Bottling, Lake County and the town of Montverde seems to have been resolved.


There were concerns in recent weeks about Indian River water tanker trucks speeding along County Road 455 in Montverde and County Road 561A day and night.

The issue has become more than a nuisance for residents. County, town and Montverde Academy officials have expressed concerns about safety as well.