EPA questioning proposed gas pipeline

EPA questioning proposed gas pipeline

OK, who is the new person over at the Sabal Trail Transmission LLC’s?

What are you trying to do collapse this government?

Let’s find out who this person is, fire him/her, open your pocketbook, get you lobbyist over there now and don’t ever let this happen again.

EPA questions gas pipeline planned through North Central Florida


Next thing you know, companies will be thinking that everyone in this government is honest?

Federal environmental regulators want more details about a proposed natural gas pipeline that will pass through western Marion and Alachua counties, including a fuller explanation about why the project is needed in the first place.

In its initial review of Sabal Trail Transmission LLC’s project, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency questions whether alternatives exist to delivering natural gas to a South Florida power plant besides a 3-foot-wide pipe that stretches for 460 miles across three states.

The agency also wants the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, or FERC, to explain the project’s effects on air and water quality along the route, which locally would affect the Dunnellon area.

The 18-page letter, issued last week, was directed to the FERC because the latter agency is responsible for drafting an environmental impact statement about the $3 billion pipeline project. The agency is also the ultimate approval authority.

(EPA questioning proposed gas pipeline through Lake, Sumter county)?

When it comes right down,

I would rather have you take your massive pipeline shove

it down your company and go back to Georgia,

we want safe alternative energy in this state!


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