Ladder becomes focus of pool drowning


What about the fact that there is no fence around the pool area?

Back in the 1970s my Uncle Russ and I built an in the ground pool right up against the back porch in Uncasvillage and a patio around the pool.

While still back filling the pool area a young girl around 8 or 9 years old, climbed over the back fence walked up to the area and said, ” Oh a swimming pool. I can’t wait for you to finish it”!

I said, well of course as long as mommy or daddy are with you. She said Oh mommy let’s me go wherever I want.

We stopped the work on the pool to build a 6′ chain link fence around the area, then finished the pool.

Side note, we finished the pool on November 11th and we both jumped in for a quick swim.

Remember, Uncasvillage is in Connecticut!

Point is, this is Florida and they are still trying to find fault with the drowning of a very young child?

Mother, father, the ladder still in the pool and no fence around the pool area just might be a beginning place to look for a fault,’ don’t ya know’!

Detectives preparing a case for the State Attorney’s Office are trying to determine how a ladder was situated on an above-ground swimming pool where a 3-year-old girl drowned last month while her mother slept.



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