We are a few years too late

The republican party say that the buck stops at the top, Secretary of state Hillary Clinton and President Obama, because of the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, despite the fact that John Stevens the U.S. ambassador to the Consulate in Benghazi refused military help three times before the attack?

Superintendent Susan Moxley says that the buck stops in the middle of the pack, with the principles of schools and not with the top?

I, for one of thousands of Lake County Taxpayers, am still reeling from the extravagant trip to a 3 star hotel in Orlando packing along all of her people, at taxpayers’ expense I might add, just to go to a meeting! Car pooling to a motel La Quinta Inns and Suites, comes to mind, was not good enough?

Ever since she became superintendent, we have seen our pocketbooks quickly being needlessly emptied.

Superintendent Susan Moxley’s contract.

“In all that we discussed this evening, there are issues that I want to meet with the attorney and those issues are contractual issues with the superintendent,” she said at Monday night’s School Board meeting. “And I did want to bring that out in the open to the public.”

During a review of Lake County’s compliance with the class-size law, 136 teachers told auditors Carr, Riggs & Ingram that they were asked to sign or submit inaccurate class-size documents. The report further alludes to what it calls “general statements from the District office” that “may have put perceived pressure on staff to meet CSR requirements.”

TAVARES School Board member wants to review superintendent’s contract


Your husband, Dale Moxley, already works in the district. Do you foresee any issues with that?

We have both worked in Lake County over the years and that’s always worked well. This is a little different situation in the fact that he is principal of a charter school. While the Lake County school district is the sponsor of that charter school, they do have an oversight board that he answers directly to.

Public Schools/Charter Schools


Susan Moxley promises a new era of teamwork as superintendent. ‘We Will Move The District Forward’

May 4, 2008|By Tanya Caldwell, Sentinel Staff Writer



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