Where is all of this money going?

Tolls, Red Lights and Taxes

I had to leave my beloved homeland (Uncasvillage) in New England, some years ago as did thousands of others because of my health.

I know hundreds of thousands came from many northern state, non with the amount of toll roads as in the east.

I had to leave of my family member and many of my tribal people, places and for the most part the culture as I knew it, because of the cold winters.

When I came to Florida I could not believe the lower prices of everything and most of all the lack of toll roads.

It was hard getting back to the family and my people because of so many toll booths starting from Delaware up through New Jersey, New York and also Connecticut, we were so pleased to get home to Florida with a few pennies to spare.

Not any more, now Florida has or soon will have every highway in the state toll and are working on main roads like 436.

Where is all of this money going?

This state it crying poverty while taxing the citizen to death and still it wants more, were on earth is it all going?

Now we the retired cannot even afford to drive around the state let alone back to visit family.

Where is all of this toll money going?

Not to help repair roads, bridges or school, so who is getting all of this money?

Like with the Traffic lighting the tolls are farmed out by our lazy government official and they take a cut from their friends in traffic light monitoring companies and toll booth companies.

Never mind “Made in America” let’s start with “Made in Florida!”

Elect the citizens of Florida and dump the greedy politicians?


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