Water conservation efforts gaining traction in Lake County

Let’s get this straight before starting this posting, this article is about a Country Club in the city of Mount Dora with only 417 homes and not Florida let alone Lake County, it also has very little to do with the water being abused from Golf Courses, Bottle water, soda and beer companies.

This is just another way for the government of Florida to hand its citizen a ‘Snow Job’ instead of dumping those cheating, lying, bottling companies.

Utility records showed the country club was consuming a lot of water because the timers were set too high.

“A lot of water was being thrown out onto the boulevard,” said Bobby Douglas, community association manager of the Country Club of Mount Dora.

“It was causing the boulevard islands to be soggy and drenched with water.”

With those new measures in place, there was a 40 percent decrease in residential water use for the 417 homes within the Country Club of Mount Dora, Douglas said.

In addition, 5.66 million gallons of water has been saved in the boulevard



Brett Le Blanc / Daily Commercial

Local businesses, chamber and county addressing water conservation measures

Brad Hatcher of the Richart Landscape Company adjusts a sprinkler head to make sure that it only sprays water onto grass at the Country Club of Mount Dora in Mount Dora, Fla., on Thursday, May 15, 2014. This type of simple maintenance combined with system upgrades and the use of plants that need less water has allowed the Country Club of Mount Dora to save more than five million gallons of water in common areas and reduced residential usage by 40 percent in the first year of the conservation program


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