Roy Thompson Jr. Korean War hero turned actor

Roy Thompson Jr., War Hero Who Played Himself in Movie, Dies at 85


Roy Thompson, a decorated officer during the Korean War who, while still on duty, starred as himself in a Hollywood movie that was shot entirely on location, died on April 22 in Panama City, Fla. He was 85.

His death, after a brief illness, was confirmed by his daughter Cynthia.

Roy Thompson as he appears in “Cease Fire.”


“Cease Fire”


Cease Fire was originally produced as a 3-D movie in 1953. It was a real-life documentary drama produced and photographed entirely on the battlefields of Korea in cooperation with the Department of Defense. The actors in the film were real fighting soldiers on active duty in Korea. One of the main characters was a soldier from Texas named Ricardo Carrasco. Not happy with his role as “movie star” as opposed to being with his buddies on the frontline, Carrasco played his “death scene” in the movie in the late morning of July 6, 1953. He went back with his unit, where he was killed in action about 12 hours later just before midnight.


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