27,000 gallons of water a day?

That’s not counting the bottles of our water leaving the ground also?

Can this be true?

South Lake Counties, are you concerned yet?

Never mind South, how about all of Florida, thank you Governor Rick Scott!

20 to 30 Indian River water tanker trucks from the Niagara Bottling Company


Trucks with a semi-trailer have one tank.

The tank is about 40 feet wide and has a 9,000-gallon capacity


Orlando Sentinel tells it like it is people!

Folks, as long as Gov. Rick Scott is in office, that’s how it’s going to be.

Scott gutted the water-management districts shortly after taking office.

Years of experience in Florida hydrology went out the door with 40 percent budget cuts, and water-management districts, like the rest of Florida, became “business friendly.”

That’s just code for giving away something that you thought belonged to you as a sovereign citizen of the state.

Wrong again.

Scott had his way with the governing board, too.

All nine St. Johns members are wealthy white guys, with the exception of one woman whose biography proudly states she has been

“a tireless advocate for economic growth,”

which is just more code for

“more development to use more water.”


Lauren Ritchie, COMMENTARY

Drop by drop, Central Florida is turning into the Wild West of water, and Niagara Bottling is staking its claim nearly double the amount of water it sucks from beneath Lake County.

Lake residents lost a bitter fight in 2011 to the California bottlers allowed to pump up to 177 million gallons of water a year from their Groveland operation, put it in little bottles and make a fortune selling a precious natural resource that the rest of us are forced to conserve.

Roy Patterson, a resident who lives on CR 455, said he is often awakened by the trucks at night.

“When they hit those reflectors on the road down the center, it bounces through the house,” the Montverde resident said of the 20 to 30 tanker trucks that pass his house.

A dispute between the contractor for Niagara Bottling, Lake County and the town of Montverde seems to have been resolved.


There were concerns in recent weeks about Indian River water tanker trucks speeding along County Road 455 in Montverde and County Road 561A day and night.

The issue has become more than a nuisance for residents. County, town and Montverde Academy officials have expressed concerns about safety as well.



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