Lake County prepares to roll out new trash service

We in lake county Florida are starting to come into this century, what a concept?
The new 1-1-1 service consists of once per week trash, recycling and yard waste pickup, according to county officials.
Trash and recycling are collected on the same day by different trucks, while yard waste will be picked up on a separate day.
The vote came after the county’s Solid Waste Task Force recommended 22 ways to reduce costs and increase recycling.
The group proposed the once-a-week trash pickup using automated and semi-automated collection vehicles.
Covanta Lake processes a total of 528 tons per day of solid waste while generating up to 14.5 megawatts of renewable energy that is sold to Progress Energy.
Covanta Lake decreases our dependence on fossil fuel power plants and avoids related carbon-dioxide emissions; reduces long-haul truck traffic to distant landfills; reduces mining operations, as collected ferrous (steel) metals are recycled; and eliminates methane emissions from landfills
As you might expect if you have been a follower for a while, I still want one or two more steps to this new system.
This company, Covanta Lake, is in the center of the state in Leesburg, so running a waste sewer system to and from the area only makes better sense, because this will not only eliminate septic systems, it is a great source of energy and its waste is water, water for farms and factories now using our quickly depleting drinking water, while we are at the trenching for the sewer let’s install the city water pipes at the same time?
When Montville did the job the contractor did the job twice, twice the money from the homeowner, shysters and kickbacks to the government!


Three different phases of the construction of new human-waste incinerators at the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District’s Southerly Wastewater Treatment Plant in Cuyahoga Heights are evident in this photo taken in early October. At rear is a nearly completed incinerator; in the middle, a boilermaker works on the cone which will be placed on top of the finished unit; and in the foreground is a “wagon wheel,” the foundation for another incinerator which is still being assembled.


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