Maybe I was wrong?

So, how did that feel coming out of the fingers?


Sean Tuohy: Excuse me? ‘You’re right’?

How’d those words taste coming out of your mouth?

Just about the time that I have decided that it might be a good idea to back down a little, along comes my help.

The three letters in the newspaper today say that I have some help explaining.

The 1st uses what I sometimes lack, calm common sense about ‘Benghazi”

Thank-you HillardS. Turner

The 2nd letter

Just wants us to ‘Impeach the president’ and as usual, absolutely no reason as to why we must impeach just do it because he wishes it?

Well Dale, I served in the ‘Armed forces’ six years for your right to be wrong, you see this is the reason why I voted for our president, for the people, by the people and not for the money!

I see why you could never do better in school then ‘C’s’ Dale Lamb, by the way you are in the paper often and never do give reasons for your comments, just do it!

3rd and in my personal opinion the best letter,

Michael J. Harris and one of the many reasons why we need a change in Florida!

Side note

Calling All Veterans



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