I once told a lie THIS BIG


Another half truth because he told a lot of them through out the years.

I once told a lie THIS BIG

Truth, Florida Gov. Rick Scott has signed into law a new $77 billion budget.

Candidates twist facts in Florida gov. campaign.

The increased emphasis on education is an acknowledgment that the issue continues to resonate with voters.

Even members of Scott’s inner circle have long thought that his lackluster poll numbers track back to his decision to push cuts to school funding during his first year in office.

Unfortunately for voters, sometimes what the parties and campaigns have said recently is wrong, misleading or exaggerated.

For example

The Republican Party of Florida on Tuesday issued a press release comparing Crist’s record on education to Scott’s.

It faulted Crist for vetoing spending on education projects like pilot reading programs and teacher training.

But one of the vetoes cited by the party actually stopped a 5 percent tuition hike for community college students.

The 2009 vetoes didn’t cut education spending.

Instead Crist was blocking cuts proposed by the Legislature.


An ad, backed by a $2 million purchase, says

“everyone knows” that college tuition costs too much except Crist.

But the ad doesn’t mention it was the GOP-controlled Legislature that pushed the tuition law and got Crist to go along with it.

Plus it was House Speaker Will Weatherford who just a year ago contended that college tuition in Florida was affordable.

Florida Democrats launched a hard-hitting web video this week that faulted Scott for approving $1.3 billion in cuts to schools back in 2011.

Kevin Cate, a spokesman for Crist, has also told reporters that Scott’s “first budget cut education by $4.8 billion so he could give tax breaks to his corporate contributors.”

Scott did recommend large cuts during his first year in office, but they were actually part of a two-year budget proposal that was not adopted by state legislators.


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