Well look at what I see?

The party now ‘In-Power’ at least for now, after far too long, have picked the Democratic platform
(the one that President Barack Obama has been working from for almost eight years now)
and are looking towards recruiting what they have for many years, have been calling “Illegal Immigrants”.
They still do not get it?
If your ancestor were not in this country
“Before First Contact” you are also an “Illegal Immigrant”
so do as you say, not as you do and that is, do as you have been telling the Natives of this country to do for years,
“Get Over It and Get on with repairing and improving the United States of America and all of Mother Earth.”
It is about time you asked for the help of people who have been helping this country for over two hundred years”!
Florida Gov. Rick Scott Signs In-State Tuition Bill for ‘Dreamers’
So, this would mean the everyone in this country, except the true natives of this country, well benefit from this bill?
Florida bill shows Republicans are carefully navigating their way through immigration reform.
Florida Gov. Rick Scott approved a bill giving in-state tuition to children who came to the country illegally on Monday, despite once opposing the policy.
A little side note, if you will?

Side note
Take a close look at the eye’s in these photo?


Republicans won a slew of governors races in 2010, including some in purple and blue states, when the economy was floundering and voter dissatisfaction fueled the growth of the tea party movement. Four years later, however, some of their chances for re-election are looking problematic, so says a leading political prognosticator.
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is seen as one of the thought leaders for the Republican Party – a guy willing to call out peers for making the GOP the “party of stupid” – and also a champion for conservative causes, such as school choice and lower taxes. He also brings intellectual arguments to conservative gatherings and Washington think-tank forums.

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