PUP Medicare Advantage plan ending

Well if one needed another reason to force the Florida governor and congress to get onboard with the Affordable Healthcare Program, the one that the republicans dubbed ‘Obamacare’ and now is better known as Obama does Cares, this should do it?

This Physicians United Plan, a Medicare Advantage plan, pumped millions of dollars into the media pocketbooks and hooked thousands of my neighbors with their promises only to go belly up after Governor Rich Scott shot down federal help to our healthcare!

Of course our judicial system is letting these big business Insurance company crooks off the hook, just as is being done daily with crooks in this state.

In this state we all know what happens to the poor and middle-class once the state gets its hands on them!

The Florida Department of Financial Services is the court-appointed receiver of PUP. The state agency said the plan has about 38,000 members in 17 counties.



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