The big push?

Covering Lake county Florida

The big push?

Florida, this is for your eyes and your mind?

Actually any county, town, village, city, state or country.

How do we channel some of the Florida visitor’s to the many hidden jewels in Lake county?

They call it lake county for a reason.

Lake County Tourism Expo?

As seen on Channel-9 news.

Robert Chandler Director Economic Development and Tourism

It we as a business person can only think big, we will constantly find yourself in a tug of war with every county in Florida, also thinking big and just keep watching Tourism passing us by!

For instance, this, our home in Lake county, enjoys everything being updated in and around Tavares, Mount Dora and many other places in the county for that matter.


If you do not want Breanna or give the elderly a convenient place to park, you do not need our pocketbook!

Yes, parents with children are a good thing for any business however?

Do you know how many visitors (Tourist) also have their pets along or how many of these visitors are getting up in age and/or handicap?

How about going to a pet friendly retirement home and pick a few brains of the elderly, ‘it’s free’?

Even better yet, invite only the elderly, handicap and pet owners to your next Expo?

Hint, hold it in a pet/elderly friendly, place catering to the handicap, Good Luck with that?

We, in Lake county need to do a much better job of catering to the most important visitor coming to Florida on their vacations.

This county is building many good, hotels, motel, restaurants, store and such, not even as yet speaking about Wooton park, only very little though is going into the planning of convenient parking, a comfortable place for our pets and most of all, we the handicap?

Yes, you have parking, sort of and yes you have some “pet friendly” places, sort of.

Like I said, “Very little thinking going into each!”

I could write a book on helpful hints however, this is a blog, not a book?

Think places like the Keys, Winter park and Flagler Beach?

You sit down, outside eating, with good weather covering and the first thing that they do is a bowl of water and/or cookie for your pet.


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