Honest Politics

Remember when?

If you answered yes, boy are you showing your age.


Yes, I remember what.


We pulled out of politics in New England because it was getting so corrupt that an honest person going against the status quo to work for the people was in constant danger, so what did we do?

We moved to Florida the cesspool of politicking!

Scott and the Cabinet oversee the Department of Environmental Protection, which regulates oil drilling in Florida, and Scott has invested in businesses that could be regulated by DEP and other state agencies.

So, being in charge they can by-pass every company not only in the state but even every company in the whole United States of America and no one can stop it!

The governor is also the only one to use a Blind Trust and now we know at least one of the reasons why!

Governor Rich Scotts mansion in it Collies Florida


 Asked if he supports drilling in a county where he owns a $9.2 million home, Scott did not directly answer. He said: “You’ll have to talk to DEP.”

To avoid conflicts, Scott put his wealth in a blind trust three years ago, and an advisor is assigned to manage Scott’s money without his knowledge.

“I put everything in a blind trust, so I don’t know what’s in the blind trust,” Scott said last week.


Governor Rich Scott owns the DEP?

Water has been out of the media for a while now only because of the rainy season, the governors own council ‘the St. Johns River Water Management District’


has not stopped selling our water, we still have sinkholes and our water is still going out much faster than it is able to replenish its self, what will we find out to be the next horror being removed from the people into the governors .Blind Trust’?



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