Get elected because you deserve it!

Why not at least try to do the right thing and keep getting elected because you actually ‘are’ the best at what you do?

What a concept!

A politician is a politician as a politician, everyone knows this?

If a political candidate can tell the same bold face lies over and over and over again, does this ever make it the truth?

No never however, the past has shown that after some time passes, people start to treat it as the truth and elect the person spewing out the lies, this is why a persistent, corrupt, greedy politician keeps on telling those very same lies, it works!

So, who is the real fool?

This is also one of the many reasons why this country is in the disastrous state it is in today!

Unfortunately everyone also already knows this, so why do we constantly except this lie and that liar?

It’s a Puzzlement! (the King and I)


Why not just run an honest campaign and if elected, do the right things for yourself, your family, your friends, your neighbor, your town, city, state and your country?

You know, get elected because you deserve it!

If our governor and his lying henchmen can make up lies and, because he in a millionaire, buy a lot of media time telling those same lies, why is it that people get so upset with me for wanting to tell you the truth over and over again disputing those lies?

Another, “It’s a Puzzlement”?

Fact, while Rich Scott was the CEO in charge of the company that he build from the ground up, the company collected millions of our hard-earned dollars milking Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, Rich Scott dumped the company just in time for us to watch that company be fined for fraud by the government?

Governor Rich Scott has or had depending on who one can believe, his sticky fingers in a company that he hired to do Fracking in the city that he lives in and either pulled out just before the truth can out or is still a stockholder a stockholder in another country’s company I might remind you?

Governor Rich Scott hired the people on the board of so and so’s called the St Johns River Management Directors, the same people, in spite of EVERYONE knowing that it is the wrong thing to do, are selling our drinking water to the highest bidder, not at all saying ‘that he or they has sticky fingers in this also’!

He also still gets to stack the committee in charge of our toll roads although the last two that he set up in a chair turned out to get caught up with and fined and fired!

What else?

Only time will tell my friends, only time will tell.

I just want you to remember that Governor Charlie Crist had the Florida congress against him because he cares for the state, Governor Scott has that same congress work with him, ever wonder why this is?


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