Along comes another group of Stupid Floridian

Just about the time one becomes convinced that the term “this is Florida Don’t you know” or “Stupid is as Stupid does” is worn out, along comes another group of Stupid Floridian!

Who would use a live wild animal to teach a younger child how to do something that child should not be doing?

Wish and Wildlife of course!

In today’s world we use computers for teaching, at the very least a robotic animal.

No, the Fish and Wildlife, the people who shot and killed 7 Black Bears before even looking for the correct one, only to find out, that bear was protecting her cubs from two charging large dogs, they shot her also!

Shot and killed an alligator used to train young cadets?

No tape around the gators mount and no protection to both the child or the gator.

This is Florida don’t you know, the place where Stupid is an Stupid does gives new meaning to the words.

Cadet one, Gator zero!


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