School Board plays politics

I’m seeing that you are going to see this type of posting on my blog a lot, as you may have already gathered, because this group seem to care about Florida.


School1  School2

TAVARES – School Board Member ‘Tod Howard’ calls for superintendent search.

I am pleased with Tod only still wondering how on earth she got the job in the first place?

She first official move still makes me angry.

Remember, she took all hands, to the most expensive hotel in Orlando and they all enjoyed the best suites, partied all night, the best restaurants and so on while using my hard-earned tax money just for a meeting!

The people who hired her are the same people at this meeting.

“We need stability,” he said. “We need growth. We were an A district and now we are a C district. How far are we willing to go? I have reached that limit. At this point, I believe we need to go in a new direction with new leadership.”

The review of all schools in the Lake County School District, which analyzed class-size compliance and whether violations were knowingly made, found 136 anonymously surveyed teachers who said a supervisor asked them to sign reports related to class-size requirements that they knew to be inaccurate.

Surveys were sent to teachers, administrators and data processing staff, the review stated. Out of 2,818 surveys, 1,518 were returned.


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