From the looks of my post office box it must be election time again, time to try to wake up the Florida Democratic Party, Good Luck with that!

Why Democrats can never take control the Florida congress, other than a fact that they just do not care?

The seat pays $30,000 not a lot of money for a politician however, the congress is a do nothing congress and the Pork Barrel and other under the table niceties should be enough?

5 seek to replace Rep. Nelson in Florida House


All of them are republicans!

Five Republicans, all first-time office-seekers, are vying to succeed Bryan Nelson in Florida House District

An Apopka Republican, Nelson was unable to seek re-election to the Legislature because of term limits and is running instead for Orange County commissioner.

The district, which includes Apopka, Mount Dora and Tavares, spans the northern parts of Orange and Lake counties. The job pays $29,697 a year.

The race, originally set up as a Republican primary in the conservative-leaning district, will be open to all voters regardless of party affiliation because no candidate from another party met the deadline to challenge for the seat.

The Republican with the most votes in the Aug. 26 election earns the two-year term.

Florida Medical Association Backs Medicaid Expansion

Florida Medical Association Backs Medicaid Expansion

The powerful Florida Medical Association has come out in support of expanding Medicaid to roughly 1 million Floridians, choosing sides in a controversial political issue that has divided state lawmakers.


Increased access to care will only come “if there are adequate numbers of physicians to care for these patients,” the organization said in a written statement, adding that current reimbursement rates are “grossly inadequate and serve as a disincentive to physician participation.”

The debate over Medicaid expansion, a key part of President Obama’s health law, has been contentious in Florida. The Sunshine State has one of the highest uninsured rates in the country. That pent-up demand was clear as nearly 1 million Floridians bought private insurance through the federal health marketplace. But another million fell into a gap: too poor to qualify for tax credits in the marketplace, yet earning too much to qualify for Medicaid.

Another win, win for the President of the United States of America, another loss for the House and congress of the United States of America.

$400,000 OK’d for sinkhole repairs at Deltona High School

Sinkhole opens up at Deltona High School

A small sinkhole that opened up inside of Deltona High School will likely keep students and teachers out of the band and chorus rooms during the first few weeks of school.

Officials say a school employee noticed the sinkhole in late June at the Volusia County school.

Music students will likely have classes in the auditorium when school starts Aug. 18.

The school board has authorized the school district to use $400,000 to fix the problem. Work will probably continue through September.

So far, workers have placed 24 of 41 pilings to shore up the music building. They plan to line the edges with concrete, and then fill in the rest.


$400,000 OK’d for sinkhole repairs at Deltona High School

Chorus and band will students will meet elsewhere until the repairs are completed in mid-September.


Many Sinkholes in the Villages? KARMA!

Letter o the Week-Sunday July 27th 2014

Sinkhole warning not heeded.

Gertrude C. Dickinson and her group of Crackers (Native Floridians) were asked to report on land now called the Villages of Florida sometime back in the 1990’s 2000’s period while construction was on going about the chances of sinkholes, this report showed that building homes in that area was not recommended and for good reasons, the report was ridiculed and ignored.

Well guess what?

You guessed it.


Another Day, Another Sinkhole Emerges in Florida


Sinkholes of Lake County, Florida , 2008


Gerrymandering is on hold, then hold the election

Florida Gov’t Weekly Roundup: Different Speeds For Justice, Politics

Today is July 27th 2014

In 2010, four years earlier voters voter out this gerrymandering of mapping, why did it take this long to come before this judge?

If this corrupt state congress can make gerrymandering maps time and time again, why can’t the citizens of this state postpone the election until they (the voters) can correct the maps?

The map violates the anti-gerrymandering standards approved by voters in 2010, meaning it can’t be used.

The justice system tends to move very slowly, and this week it seemed to be struggling to keep up with politics. A circuit judge in Leon County pondered whether to try to redraw a flawed congressional redistricting plan with an election looming.


Even in Florida this has to be illegal?

Even in Florida this has to be illegal?

United States Sugar Corporation is the biggest polluter in Florida, it has been destroying the Everglades since April 28, 1931, with its un-checked pollution.

Governor Rich Scott and the Florida GOP officials

(that is the Republican Party my friends)

enjoy sugar industry ranch trips.

The Times analysis shows that in the last three years, U.S. Sugar paid nearly $100,000 to the Republican Party of Florida for at least 20 weekend trips.

The destinations were not made public, but they all occurred within days of more than a dozen Florida politicians registering for Texas hunting licenses.

Top Florida Republican officials including the governor have enjoyed hunting trips to South Texas’ historic King Ranch thanks to the Sunshine State’s sugar industry, but they aren’t talking about them.


The lack of disclosure could enable officials and sugar lobbyists to avoid scrutiny about discussions on a host of important issues such as state agriculture policy, water pollution and Everglades protection.

Trash is trash is trash


Trash is trash is trash

Lake county is getting a new set of rubbish buckets starting August 1st, ours starts September 12th and a new company starting October 6th.

Service Area 1/ WCA: Sept. 12 – Oct. 2

Service Area 2 / Progressive: Aug. 1- 21

Service Area 3 / Waste Pro: Aug. 22 – Sept. 11

We in this household are sad because this company has been great every Wednesday since we moved to central Florida.

As usual the common people do not get to choose, the government chooses and we must just go along with their choice?

Unincorporated residents to get new trash, recycling carts


Breanna is never going to understand, every Wednesday morning, she hears the trucks, recycle first, then the 2nd truck.

She jumps into her Papasan looking out her window and barks a Hi Guys!

They beep the horn and she barks a good buy guys!

I don’t have a papasan or my own window?

What’s up with that?

No one told me that retirement means retirement, how quickly we fall?

The new household garbage and recycling carts are designed to be easily collected by automated collection vehicles. These vehicles use mechanical arms, operated by the driver in the cab of the truck, that grab, lift and empty the cart and return it to the ground.