SunPass rates going up on most Florida toll roads


And we’re is all of this money going??????????

Cash rates not going up right now

Because cash rate is already too high!

Ever notice that since our new governor bought his office, we never can get a positive answer from any government official?

A little more change will be drawn from SunPass users traveling Florida’s Turnpike and most of the state’s other toll roads starting at 1 a.m. Tuesday.

A 1.5 percent increase is being enacted because of a 2007 state law that allows SunPass and toll-by-plate rates to be adjusted every year based on changes in the consumer price index.

The change will result in fees going up an extra penny or two at most toll plazas. The cost of a trip the entire length of Florida’s Turnpike, 309 miles from Wildwood to Florida City, will grow from $19.75 to $20.07 for SunPass customers, Turnpike spokeswoman Sonyha Rodriguez-Miller said in an email.

Cash rates, which are higher than those charged to SunPass users, are not going up at this time.


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