Floridians, show of hands.

How many Floridian working men & women taxpayers are going to reelect Rich Scott of Governor?

Very good!


Now , after reading this list while looking for any of the following donator that have your interest, your pocketbooks, your land, Your water, your air, your child’s schooling, your home, your health, or anything else protecting you in mind while donating a billionaire back into office, a show of hands if you please?

This, by the way is not anywhere near a complete list.


Morse funnels more money into Scott campaign


Gary Morse $170,000

U.S. Sugar Corporation of Clewiston, a pair of $100,000 donations

The Hutson (real estate) Companies of Jacksonville, a single $100,000 donation.

D.A.B. Constructors of the Levy County town of Inglis,$25,000.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida: $787,500

Big Sugar: $550,000

Seminole Tribe Of Florida: $505,000

Florida Power & Light Company: $555,512

Wayne Huizenga: $380,500

Sheldon Adelson: $250,00 Adelson is the owner of The Venetian in Las Vegas and the Israeli daily newspaper “Israel HaYom.”

Shahid Khan: $250,000 Khan is the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

AT&T: $100,000Randall Stephenson, chairman, president and chief executive officer of AT&T)

Fontainebleau Miami Beach: $85,000

Donald Trump: $60,000

Stephen Ross: $50,000

Seaworld: $30,000

Verizon: $30,000

Yahoo: $5,000

PepsiCo: $5,000


Developer H. Gary Morse gave $100,000 in June to a group supporting Gov. Rick Scott’s re-election campaign, on top of $70,000 Morse gave Scott in May by way of about two dozen companies associated with The Villages.

The other three came from U.S. Sugar Corporation of Clewiston, a pair of $100,000 donations, and The Hutson (real estate) Companies of Jacksonville, a single $100,000 donation.

The $100,000 was given to Let’s Get to Work, a tax-exempt organization former under Section 527 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code, that helps finance Scott’s campaign. The donation was one of only four six-figure contributions that Let’s Get to Work has received since March.

D.A.B. Constructors of the Levy County town of Inglis, which focuses primarily on state and county road projects in 15 Florida counties, and operates a plant in Leesburg, recently gave Let’s Get to Work $25,000 to help re-elect Scott.

In May, Morse, his wife Renee and 21 companies connected to the developer, gave 23 individual $3,000 donations to Scott. Three thousand dollars is the maximum individual contribution allowed by law but doesn’t apply to political action committees.

From June 1 to June 20, Scott’s campaign and the Let’s Get to Work committee combined to raise nearly $1.1 million, with the total almost evenly divided between the two pots of cash, according to the News Service of Florida.



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