Rick Foglesong WFTV Political Analyst

Central Florida Spotlight

Rick Foglesong WFTV Political Analyst is dead wrong on many accounts, two that stand out.


When I was studying politics in Social Studies in school, we were told that a Political Analyst must be impartial?

Rick Foglesong WFTV Political Analyst is either Biased or extremely Senile?

Rich Scott did pled the 5th 75 times and it was in a civil action only because he cut and ran from his company before the feds could close in and only to keep from answering questions in a criminal hearing, he stuck his partners with that court case.

Rick Foglesong WFTV Political Analyst seems to have already forgotten those many vicious ads by Governor Scott before Charlie Crists first ad came out?

One party (Charlie Crists) has Hispanics, women, young people and African-Americans.

One party (Rich Scotts) has big business and retiree business people from up north that now live in mini villages while contributing nothing to the state except what they are forced to report in taxes?

Because they and their family are from a ‘For Profit Company’ they are still voting as if they were still up north running their ‘For Profit Business.

Floridians know the our media is slanted towards the republican party because, after all they are also Big Business however, this WFTV Central Florida Spotlight that comes on after the noontime news should try at least a little, to include rebuttals of so many republican speakers from the other political party?


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