Florida is spending another million dollars looking for sinkholes?

They are wondering where they all went?

It is called finally more water going into the ground then the bottle water companies are taking out of the ground, DUH!

State geologists mapping Florida sinkholes

State geologists already have been to 30 sites and mapped about 50 sinkholes as they begin to plumb the depth of the state’s vulnerability to ground collapse.

The Tampa Tribune (http://bit.ly/1fKcUJ0) reports that Florida received a $1.08 million federal grant for a three-year statewide study, starting last month with a pilot study in Columbia, Hamilton and Suwannee counties.


New study to investigate Florida sinkholes

A $1.1 million federal grant is allowing the Florida Geological Survey and Division of Emergency Management to conduct a study to shed more light on the state’s sinkhole problem.

State officials say the grant was funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency in conjunction with the Florida Division of Emergency Management.

The three-year project will start with geologists conducting a one-year pilot study in Hamilton, Columbia and Suwannee counties.  The results of the pilot study will culminate in the production of a model that will generate a map showing the relative vulnerability of these counties to potential sinkhole formation. The resulting model will then be used to produce a statewide map during the following two years.



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