Bottled water facilities drying up Lake Apopka

9 Investigates:

Are bottled water facilities drying up Lake Apopka?

Hank Largin said that only Spring of life is drawing water from Apopka and it don’t have much impact on the lake.

Well Hank, Niagara bottling company is just up the road a bit and Zephyrhills Water company is not all that far, as a matter of fact, all bottling companies are drawing from the same Aquifer and the lakes are all above the Aquifer, but you knew this didn’t, or at least one would hope that you know this?

 From 2007/2008 until now the lake (Lake Apopka) dropper 6′ this is not just from ‘not enough rain’ and if Hank Largin of the St Johns River Management District Committee truly believes this or hopes that we believe this, he must be fired and a capable intelligent committee member should take his place?

Maybe County Commissioner Sean Parks is available?

You should see the Lakes that surround The Villages. Lake Weir is especially affected by their overpopulation. It was about 100 feet of beach that should not be there. Their water consumption is also why they are now having sinkhole problems too.

270,000 gal


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